had overdoeses of daytime sleep. It would just come on suddenly. I wrecked my car, and a tree, fence and a truck, all while sleeping and with no recolection of anything that happened. 4 years later, I was finally having normal days, using my C-PAP, and taking provigil once or twice a day. Then poof, the provigil began to act like a sleeping pill. I could not take it and stay awake. It just turned into a sleeping pill. I started taking Methlin, yeah, I was awake again, for about two weeks. Then poof, even coming up to 3 a day, I dosed and went into odd fallings in and out. Methylin is generic for methylphenid.I passed out daily with that.Dextroamenetamine also turned into a sleeping after a few weeks. I also happen to suffer from ADHD> Please help me find something thats keeps me from going wacko, but makes sure I stay awake too. THANK YOU HELP!