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Are naproxen similar to norcos?

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kellyandtodd 17 Sep 2012

No there not similar, norcos have hydrocodone in it which is a opiate and naproxen does not, hope this helps

Icecold84 17 Sep 2012

Well, what exactly does naproxen do to you? I was given these by a physician and they do not seem to be working except they make me sleepy.

kaismama 17 Sep 2012

What kind of pain do you have? Naprosyn is for inflammatory pain. There are no allergy meds in prescription naprosyn.

kellyandtodd 17 Sep 2012

Naproxen is just like taking OTC aleve, it comes in prescription strength and it will make you sleepy, light headed, etc, this are normal side effects of the prescription strength, it's different from norcos because it's not a opiate pain reliever, which is some of the strongest pain meds available. If your still having pain that's not helped by the naproxen or your side effects become worse then you can call your doc and he can prescribe something a little stronger.

Southern girl 17 Sep 2012

Great answer Kelly, you are correct and you explain it so well.

smokeykitty 24 Jan 2017

I just started taking naproxen for the first time today my stomach cramped real bad then I had diarrhea should I call my Dr and see if I should quit taking this pain med.

endlessPred 17 Sep 2012

Naproxen is generally used as an NSAID pain reliever. It can have allergy meds with it. One side effect for some people is drowsiness or dizziness. You should report this to your doctor.

It is also known as Alleve as a store brand. Some people do have sensitivities. You can look it up in the search box at the top of the page and it will give other side effects. There are other meds to take. See what the doctor suggests.

endlessPred 18 Sep 2012

FYI: Naproxen comes in many forms and some have allergy meds with them. Not knowing if this is regular naproxen or not, I thought that should be,looked at just in case. :-) free discount card

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