I use only when I suffer an attack, perhaps once or twice a year and find it very effective for pain relief. The over the counter alleve seemed to work better than the prescription version. I find as I get older (now 63), the attacks last longer - 2 to 4 weeks totally immobilized and further 4-6 weeks partial pain. my pain can be either foot, big toe, instep or ankle. All are affected but never at the same time. The pain seems to radiate from one area to the next. I used to be able to control the attack with overdose of cherry juice, which I now find ineffective. Preventive use of alluprinol was started, however it did not seem to do much and concern over long term use, made me stop. Now I am concerned over long term affects of uric acid build up in my main organs - is this a possibility? Should naproxen be taken only for short term pain, or can it be taken long term?