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Names of meds that taken with methadone will send you into immediate withdrawl?

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Inactive 15 May 2011

Suboxone, Subutex, and I think Talwin are 3 that I know will send a person into precipitated withdrawal, which is really really bad withdrawal. Precip occurs when there is opiate on the receptor sites in the brain and the person takes suboxone or subutex and I swear I heard talwin. The 2 meds start fighting it out for space on the receptor site, and both meds precipitate ( or drop) off the sites, and immediate and intense withdrawal sets in until the meds wear off.

Inactive 15 May 2011

If you or someone you know is in precip, and experiences seizures or really slow breathing, or goes unconscious, please call 911 and don't be afraid to tell them what happened, they need to know to save their life. Plain Precip usually doesn't cause these symptoms, these are dangerous symptoms that signal the person needs emergency help. The person may not have been totally honest about what they took, and this could put them in danger.

jaypee 15 May 2011

Yes so true,please get them some help.its the worst feeling n the world.i tought i would die!

jaypee 15 May 2011

Narcon wich is found in the drugs that the others told u about.also depracote.i dont know why but it can if u r already to the point of going into withdraws.let me tell u i didnt want 2 go inot withdrawl so i took a sboxone and i really went into withdrawl so bad i ended up in the hospital.what made me realize it was when the dr gace me morphine plus a fentynl patch.i was still twitching i knew then it was the saboxone.i didnt say anything because i thought they wouldnnt give me anything so my heart started faziling according to the ekg.the amount of opiate that was in my system i had no business in withdrawls but my stomach was cramping & thats the first thing we doesnt mean were in withdrawls everytime we feel a little becareful.very careful cause i could have died.that would havebeen a terrible thing.what would my gk & kids would have what u do always effects blessed...

BRRMARS 15 May 2011

i know for sure subutex and suboxone, you need to get methadone out of your system before you take these or bad things will happen. it's like that drug they give you if your an alcoholic and then drink you get really really sick... free discount card

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