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Looking for the name of liquid foods where person has dementia and can no longer eat normally?

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kaismama 2 Dec 2013

There are things like ensure, boost, glucerna, that are nutritionally complete. They also have puddings if the person will eat them.

mkatiek8 2 Dec 2013


A Young man I met had developed a fear. He was afraid to swallow. He lived on ensure.No Joke. When we ate around him the smell would make him angry because he couldnt eat..So we started juicing for him.Go to grocery store buy fresh veggies,fruits.Kale,(not so tasty) but real good for you.Carrots,celery,oranges,apples,strawberries the natural sweentner will sweeten the bitter stuff.You can get a juicer pretty inexpensive.I will tell you its alot of work.Look up Juicing on-line you be all set. Applesauce,Yogurt,soups,its called wheatina like an oatmeal.You could even blend or puree some stuff like Beef stew w/ potatoes,carrots What ever you would eat, thats reasonable.No bones.LOL.make sure you get the lumps out.Juicing will clense the body also the best bet rite now sounds like.Good luck

DzooBaby 2 Dec 2013

You can puree just about anything with a bit of liquid in a good blender or food processor so the person can eat what everyone else is eating. I would advise you ask the Dr to have a speech therapist come to do a swallowing evaluation on this person. Some people have trouble swallowing liquids ( like water, juice etc) and they add a product called Thick It to these liquids to make them easier to swallow. If you dont, they can end up with aspiration pneumonia from choking on foods/liquids.

BeYondRepair 6 Dec 2013

I do not have dementia, but, have a very hard time with digestion. Dr put me on Ensure while in hospital after weeks of TPN. Did not want to send me home with IV that could easily become infected since it had been in so long. Although I do have a problem with vomiting, Ensure helps me stays nutritionally balanced. Similar other Brands are available, some in a juice like form. Ensure is milky. Try to find what this person is most likely to like and tolerate. It is a life saver when unable to eat. free discount card

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