... years. I had first started off with Amethia Lo due to having awful periods. I stopped the birth control for awhile just because I got tired of taking it. Now that I am older, in a serious relationship and sexually active I have started it again. The first three month pack I experienced horrible symptoms. Which was odd to me because I don't remember having them before. The symptoms include: Extreme fatigue, nausea, headaches, constipation, confusion, hot flushes, breast tenderness, cramps, abdominal pain, and just feeling bad. I also have IBS constipation and feel that the birth control has made it worse. Of course when I noticed these symptoms at first I associated them with possible pregnancy. I took several pregnancy tests which all came back negative. I also visited my doctor which suggested endometriosis because my mother had it and it also runs on her side of the family. I then visited my OB doctor and she said it sounded much like an endo flare up and to keep taking my birth control so that it will suppress it since there isn't much they can do until I am ready for a child. I am now on my second pack of the Amethia Lo on the second month. All of the same symptoms are returning again. I have been exercising regularly and eating better which has helped some and I am not as constipated. I am though getting extremely tired again and having small cramps and stomach tightening and bloating. And some occasional headaches and nausea. I have even taken two pregnancy tests again to make sure that isn't a possibility and they came back negative. Which I assumed they would be because me and my partner are very careful and I take my pill at the same time every night and never miss. I am just wondering if I should consider a different birth control method at this point? Are these symptoms worrisome and could this pill be having a bad effect on my body now? Or should I just try sticking it out a little longer to see if the symptoms subside and my body adjusts?