... am on 30 mg. oxycodone. They wear off after 3 or 4 hours, how do I get my dr. to help me with the ER also? I have osteoporosis, 4 herniated discs, fibermialga, 1 knee replacement and need the other done. Also need left hip replacement! OA, and RA! I WILL NOT have back surgery. I guess I want to know how do I get the Extended release also? By the way my ex who did this to me is dead!!! lol no I didn't do it! I need help badly the pain never stops! By the way also RA is rheumatoid arthritis, and OA is Osto Arthritis. I can barely walk some days! Drs always want to do back surgery but how is that going to help everything else wrong? I've had friends that have had back surgery and they are worse. I'm too afraid to have it done! When I was beaten had my spleen and gall bladder out. Have nothing in me to stake out that protects my immune system.