... since my generalised anxiety disorder started but i always have symotoms like chest pain 24/7 not just with anxiety or panic attacks but in the last 2 months the chest pain has been different it has been located on left side at center basically where my heart is the pain goes through to my back also and this makes me very scared sometimes it's just pain i would say the pain is a 3 out of 10 for soreness it's not that sore but then sometimes i will get squeezing and thats a 5 out of 10 pain wise and not localized sometimes my chest feels like it's tearing or ripping or even like someones pulling inside my chest like pulling it down thats just a disscomfort with no pain just weird really ive been to the ER plenty.of times had atleast 20 ekgs blood tests 24hr heart monitor but it still worries me alot as i have hypacondria/health anxiety also my doctor says anxiety but i just can't get it into my head everyday i feel like I'll have a heart attack or cardiac arrest or i think i have an aortic anneyrusum sorry about spelling i don't know what to do is this anxiety? Or heart realted i also get dizzy cold sweats numbness jaw pain you name it but everyone thinks anxiety but i just.dont beileve it do u think it is anxiety or should i ask for a ecocardigram ? As ive heard thats more accurate thanks so much
Caitlin x