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What is the name of an antibotic generally given to children for ear infections?

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Anonymous 26 Dec 2012

If the child has not had too many problems before, then it will probably be amoxicillin, or augmentin, depending on the infection, and whether you child has allergies to the meds or not. It is best to get the script from a doctor, who knows what to look for, and not give any left over scripts that you have lying around.
I hope that you child feels better soon!!

Anonymous 26 Dec 2012

Took the words right out of my mouth Ellen! Good advice... Mary

WShope 26 Dec 2012

The reason I ask is because as a child I was given this drug and it caused an allergic reaction and was trying to get the correct spelling on the drug. I thought it was spelled Cechlor... However there is no drug with that spelling and so I can't remember what drug it is.

I had to take penicillin for a year to correct the rash that I broke out with..since all the blood vessels in my body exploded and I had little red dots and splottches all over me.

Can someone answer this?

Anonymous 26 Dec 2012

Oh dear!! There are several antibiotics with names that sound like that. The best person to tell is the doctor, because they would know what antibiotics were popular when you were that age, also, they would know all the antibiotics that sound like that. Please, tell the doctor exactly what you have written. What if someone answers the wrong name, and you say that to the doctor, and your daughter has the same allergic reaction!! Trust the doctor on this one. Hope that you child feels better soon!

Anonymous 27 Dec 2012

Could it have been chephalosporin? See below... Mary

Anonymous 27 Dec 2012

I am allergic to penicillian & so are all of my 3 children so maybe you have a thought there. Check with your doctor... Mary free discount card

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