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What is the name of anesthesia used for a spinal anesthestic?

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DzooBaby 28 Mar 2014

It is local anesthetic like lidocaine, bupivacaine, etc.

DzooBaby 28 Mar 2014

Oh and sometimes they use an opioid with it like morphine, duramorph, fentanyl etc.

EvaHooper 28 Mar 2014

Do you happen to know the percentage of each medication that is used. I am trying to do my clue sheets for my surgical technology class, and I need every detail I can get

EvaHooper 28 Mar 2014

I have another question. What are some special notes and precautions for
A knee arthroscopy

kaismama 28 Mar 2014

That's not going to be the same amount all the time. The anesthesiologist determines what is needed for each patient and the surgery they are having.

EvaHooper 28 Mar 2014

I do understand that but I kind of need to know the dose that is given in the beginning free discount card

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