Firstofall, I thank you for spending your valuable time in reading this email.
I am unmarried woman aged 33 years. I am suffering from congenital myasthenic syndrome or CMS and taking treatment from NIMHANS, Bangalore.
My symptoms of congenital myasthenic syndrome are as fallows:-
1. Drooping of both eyelids. no movement of both the eyeballs.
2. No Respiratory problem, can breath easily.
3. Little bit of swallowing and chewing problem.
4. weakness in whole body
5. No Double vision.
6. Can see clearly.

No one in my family has CMS or myasthenia gravis or no history in my family had CMS or myasthenia gravis.

Now, I am taking Pyridostigmine bromide 60mg daily 5 tabs.
From 2002, I was taking Corticosteriods 30mg daily for about 3-4 yrs. With Doctor’s advice, from 2005, I tapperdown Corticosteriods and with God’s Grace, now I completely stopped taking Corticosteriods.

Three years back,for some days, I took Cellcept tabs and now, I stopped it completely. At present, in addition to Pyridostigmine bromide tablets, I will take Meganeuron OD Plus and Antoxyl Forte and Potklor syrup and Gravitor SR tabs. This four medicines I will take (as and when required) whenever I go outside or when there is more work or when there is more weakness.

We are non-resident of Bangalore. Suddenly, my sister's marriage has been fixed and there is no time to go to Bangalore and consult NIMHANS and also ask for any more powerful adjunct medicine (powerful medicine/general medicine) other than the above four mentioned by me. I don't have any other diseases other than myasthenia gravis.

Please tell me the name of any adjunct medicine (powerful medicine/general medicine) other than the above four mentioned by me,so that I will be very grateful to you.

Waiting for your early reply
thanking you