I'm currently taking 200 mg daily of the Lamictal and ..Cant say i fell Less depressed or less anxious can anybody tell me if They have had a positive experience with Lamictal? I mean maybe I'm on the wrong dose or..I don't know
Any feedback would be so helpful as to what Different people fell works better for them in treating their depression and why..And if Anyone just wants to really put it all out there maybe
what pills they have taken in the past that Absolutely have not worked i.e no change in mood or not a good kind of change in mood Worse side effects than usual etc
I do realize I am asking a lot especially this being my very first question but I'm just eager To start feeling better and also to receive feedback from people that struggle w the same issues I struggle with and hopefully incorporate some sort of medication that would finally work ..I studied Psychology in college and also have seen psychologist/Psychiatrist/counselors.
Etc... now for about 20 years
Plus it is my own personal struggle and daily battle SO.. I feel pretty well schooled in this dept
it's always good to hear from other people that go to the same thing and their opinions and their feedback I am TRULY so !!!
sick and tired
of being sick and tired ¡!
cliché maybe but, BUT definitely true!
Any information .. Ideas .. Suggestions
Would be so helpful And I'd be very grateful
Thank you in advance ,
kindly ,