Hello. I have a chronic pain condition and I have been taking Nucynta ER and Percocet for years. I was just prescribed Contrave, which contains naltrexone. My PCP asked for clearance from my pain management doctor, as Contrave can decrease the efficacy of my pain meds. My pain doctor clearerd it, stating that it would not effect Nucynta ER (my main relief) and it might effect Percocet, if anything at all and I might not notice. I noticed, and it was horrible. Percocet is just for breakthrough pain, and isn't as needed as Nucynta. But I felt like both were effected initially. However, I'm stumbling on a bizarre theory: is it possible for the naltrexone and Percocet to cause pain, more specifically, could those two interrupt Nucynta? I ask because it seems I am in more pain on Percocet and less when I do not take it and only contrave and nucynta are in my system. Thanks!