- Started 6 years ago
- Diagnosis of post nasal drip and severe heart-burn
- When admitted to ER, oxygen levels are optimal even when I experience my worst symptoms - no intubation
- Allergist states sometimes I have an inflamed throat with some damage in the back
- Vocal cords work normally according to ENT
- Gets worst: after eating, in humid climates, in the summer with the heat, with exercise

- Tightness in the throat, like a thumb is stuck
- Feels like i'm breathing out of a straw with holes
- In stronger episodes, body will try to yawn a lot but can't, nor take a deep breath

Things I've tried
- Elimination diets for food
- Immunotherapy: Treating my allergies with shots (still on them)
- Omeprazole/ zyrtec heartburn medicines
- Nasal sprays

Sometimes symptoms improve with a heavy dose of allergy medication.

Any insight? Thanks