I am a 17 year old female and for the past 2-4 weeks I've been waking up from bed with these awful lumps... They're only ever on my arms... When I get them they start off just kinda like normal bug mights kinda like a mosquito only its much bigger about the size of a half dollar - about a half inch away from it. As the day progresses it becomes more painful... It starts to swell and Eventually within about 3-5 (I'm not sure I'm estimating) hours after I notice the bumps (I always notice them when I'm getting dressed in the morning so as soon as I wake up) it has swollen to the point where my arm from the bump down hurts and then becomes numb... I saw a doctor and she prescribed me kflex and claritin and a more medical version of hydrocortisone but its still happening... I cleaned my room from top to bottom and changed my bedding and checked my matresss for bed bugs or something but i didnt find anything... I sprayed my room with insecticid . It it is still happening... Do you know what's wrong with me and if it is a kind of bug bite then what might it be and why didn't it die when.I sprayed the insecticide? And why does it swell up like that making my arm go numb from pressure?