I've seen my urologist 2 times now pertaining to my bladder issues. They haven't really done any tests but are guessing it's overactive bladder. I'm 24 year old female. I've been struggling with bladder urgency and frequency since 18. It seems to come in spurts. Like one month I'll be fine while the next I'm having to run to the bathroom every hour and it's a small amount. At first I was given oxybutynin but it did nothing but cause my acid reflux to worsen. Then I was offered vesicare but my insurance won't authorize it due to my age. Now this drug I am supposed to try and it seems like it's intended for older people. Am I at risk for taking this? I read some reviews and a common one was high blood pressure and the feeling as if your having a stroke. I guess I just need to be sure this is safe for me