My son is 15 and started taking Mydayis yesterday and was fine all day, it seemed to work well for him, he took it at 7am. During the night last night around 4am, he began throwing up and has been sick & throwing up all day today. I did give him his dose this morning again, but he threw up about an hour or so later, so I'm not sure how much of it digested. Last time he threw up was around noon today. I'm struggling to know if this vomiting is from the new med or if it's a bug, for those of you that felt flu-like symtoms & had nausea/vomiting, how soon did this occur? For him, it didn't start until after the meds would've been out of his system, so I'm unsure. I'm reluctant to give it to him tomorrow (on a school day) but reluctant to give up so soon too. He has a recheck appt on Tues so see how it went, unsure if we should continue til then. Thoughts??