Hello, I have been newly diagnosed with ADHD. For 3 months I was taking Adderall 20XR in the morning and another 10-20 IR throughout the day depending on how my day was going. No day was ever the same. I work long hours and felt as if the Adderall wore off too quickly. I was recently started on Mydayis 20 mg. I am not experiencing the crashes I was with Adderall and I feel like it gets me through the day better than the Adderall was. I do notice that two times throughout the day I am forgetting the smallest little things. My times of forgetfulness don’t last too long. I am assuming that these are the times right before the next dose is released. I also have a little less energy than I normally have ( even before starting medication). Would a higher dose be beneficial? Anyone else have the moments of forgetfulness?