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Myasthenia Gravis - Any one have any suggestions on what to do for nausea?

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MacIntosh12 11 Dec 2013

Hi lijones,
Have you tried Zofran? It really works well. But there is an unpleasant side effect, which is constipation, so when you take it, take some magnesium capsules with Zofran, works for me. OR I eat prunes, but only after the nausea passes, or I'd hurl eating those grody things!! lol
I wish you the best and I know how MG can be so very difficult to live with, I've a family member that has it.
Good luck,

kaismama 11 Dec 2013

Something simple you can try is schweppes gingerale. It has real ginger in it and ginger is good for nausea. Sips of it, not a whole glass in a short time.

4Bella 11 Dec 2013

Zofran is my life saver.
I do NOT use the pills, as it takes too long.
I now use the ones that disintegrate on your tongue (Orally disintegrating tablets).
These are VERY fast acting.
The generic name is Ondansetron.
This drug does carry an FDA warning, so if you Google it, you might want to see if it applies to you personally.

My personal non-med are ginger ale and saltines.

Hope this helps you in some way.

MacIntosh12 11 Dec 2013

That's great, instantly dissolving tabs!

gdebrow110 11 Dec 2013

Once your medication is adjusted to your particular circumstances, I'm betting the nausea will go away all by itself! I had serious problems with it to start with (22 years ago), but no problem once the dosage was corrected. I was taking Mestinon, Prednisone and Imuran (?), following plasmapherisis, but since then, very little stomach problems Good Luck!

smileyhappy 12 Dec 2013

Ginger candy! Works great free discount card

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