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Myasthenia gravis patient... can I go to the gym?

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silmarien 9 Sep 2011

I'd recommend against it. From Mayo Clinic, it says that your muscles weaken with repeated use, so lifting or doing heavy cardio on a high resistance setting sounds like a bad idea.

However it depends on which muscles are affected in your particular case. If it's only your eye muscles, then going to the gym (and doing a LIGHT workout) might be okay.

Ask your doctor before you go to the gym, though, he/she will be able to tell you whether or not it's safe or whether you'd be harming yourself even more.

Here are treatments you can try, if you are itching to get into shape or go back to the gym.

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Munther 9 Sep 2011


jmed4144 31 Jan 2012

I have MG (diagnosed 5 years). My neurologist wants me to work out (more than I want to). I suggest that you ask your neurologist. I don't think the person who recommended against it here, has or really knows much about MG and has misinterpreted the information on the Mayo Clinic site.

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Roskini 31 Jan 2012

Yes! I waited until I got my medications right, but I've been doing aerobics for years. There is no reason not to exercise!

I have had some minor cramping as a result of MG (before starting an exercise program - the cramping was mostly due to the medication I was taking), but like I said before exercise is good for you!

My doctor told me not to lift weights, but that was due more to my high blood pressure.

I started cycling last year and it has helped me lose weight and lower my BP. The MG almost seems in remission! I am taking less medications for MG now than last year at this time!

jmed4144 31 Jan 2012

Sounds like you are doing great. I am one of the old guys (70) who gets it, and I mostly notice it with my eyes (lucky). I also am lucky that I have a friend in the department at the university who has had MG a few years longer than I and could serve to answer questions and be a support. My opinion based on everything I have learned is to keep on doing whatever activity you can and want to do.

health576 10 Nov 2012

There's a physician at Johns Hopkins who's conducted research on exercise and myasthenia gravis. Her results, I think, are on the myasthenia gravis foundation website. She worked with MG patients to determine the beneficial effects of exercise on MG. free discount card

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