... suffered heart failure last year and have a CRT implant on my left side chest. It was put in in September 2015 and has always looked like my left side breast area is larger than the right,but just put it down to swelling around the site. Two days ago rolled over in bed and sort of layed on my arm and pain around the left nipple area as really bad. Sorry I am male but the hep c has caused a bit of Gynocomastia. I went to hospital today for the two week Harvoni check and just mentioned this pain,and that there seems to be a lump or breast tissue which you can feel when you have a poke around. I said I think it's to do with my CRT device,but she said I am third male patient to report the same thing so it's clearly not my CRT. Just wondered if anyone else has had the same problem or heard of this. Regards Gary