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My wife takes methodone, cymbalta, klodopine, and xanax. is there any need for this?

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laurajary 29 Oct 2009

I don't know if there's a need for it, but there is sure a need for concern. Methadone and xanax together can be very dangerous, not to mention the klonapin. When I was going to the methadone clinic, my dr. had put me on xanax because my father was dying @ the time and I was having a real hard time. Anyway, the methadone clinic made me get a signed note from my dr. stating that he knew I was on methadone and it was still ok w/ him for me to take it. I was very respectful of the dosages, I didn't want to die, and it turned out ok but I DO remember that I was so sleepy all the time and had a very hard time staying awake and functioning. Please, please be careful. There have been alot of hollywood stars that have died from just such a combination, not counting all the other of us that never make the news. My prayers will be w/ you. free discount card

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