She had severe headache and Amitriptyline 10mg tablet was prescribed at bed time,on 13th.On 14th night she lost all senses and feeling drowsiness.Next day she lost her vision.The drug was stopped and Neurologist asked for MRI of brain which was normal.(Alongwith amitriptyline,Methylcobalamine&Gabapentine-500/300mg and Carbamazepine-300mg tablets were also given)
She regained her vision after almost 24hrs.and Ophthalmologist didn't fine any ocular problem.Thank GOD and both doctors-neurologist and Ophtjalmologist who acted promptly.
Hope no damage and/or deterioration occured to her optic nerves.
Kindly advise what precaution i need to take for her headache and vertigo.
Thanks a lot.