This is our first post to this site. Just started searching the net for help when our doctor was not able to help my wife with this detox process. The information we were given did not prepare us for this difficult withdrawal. She has been on Suboxone for two years after being on Rx narcotics for 15 yrs for pain. She has tapered from 16 mg. to just a touch of dust from a crushed pill over the past year, and was stable at the lowest dose she could measure for two weeks before her last dose one week ago. Withdrawal symtoms started slow for a couple days, then much worse for the last four. Today seemed better, then worse with a vengance. Dr. prescribed some clonazepam and Zonegran to help with the jitters and spasms, but not much help. We are also using OTC naproxin or ibuprofin, benadryl for the itching, and heat packs or warm baths. We are also using a detox and a magnesium supplement. She still wants to crawl out of her skin at times. Any other ideas to help her get through this, and how much longer should we expect symptoms to continue?