she lost a good job because of her substance abuse for the four time in a row. i still have hope for her. but on her last job this was the best job she haved her drug abuse got real bad 07-01-10 cocaine,crack and any kind of pills . she spent all the money for food,bills,rent over $7,000.00 in sept. olny i didt know this still the bad checks started comeing in thur the mail. so i told her you need help. i will do any thing i will go with you, i love you we can do this we ben thur bad times before.we have ben married for 34 years in march 16 2011. she sat no way i said what about the kids and grand children. she said who cares i cryed. she has lost all hope and love for me,the kds and god. she ran out knowing i have no money for food,bills,rent and went to wooford,county,ky because of bad checks&drugs i can stop the drugs in jefferson,county,ky with the help form the police in louisville,ky. but why did she go to woodford,co. because of her sister lives there and she can get her all the drugs she needs .so my wife filed for divorce. im a good man family comes fist in my book. i lost my job for 15 years in 2008 ketp.paying all the bills with my unemployent checks still it ran out in 07/07/2010 filed for social security disability do to my degenerative disk disease.but was deny. i lost my home,family any hope but i find a way to go to church and pray a lot 5 times a day she left us to die. god help me