My wife is currently taking Tramadol, Xanax and Mianserin. She used to take Carbamazepine but complained about gaining weight as a result of it.

Back in early October she quit Carbamazepine cold turkey and I told her that is probably not a good idea because I have heard that going off any med is not a good idea. I had no idea that seizures could be a result of this action. So 3 weeks later on Halloween she had a non-epileptic seizure which freaked us both out. That night I made her get back on the Carbamazepine and in a few days she was back on it at 300mg per day.

I told her that while I do not like the idea of her being on this drug, I felt it would be safer if she went back on it and slowly went off of it over the course of 2 months. We both agreed to this. My new role became nurse and I would administer her meds to her each day. I also had to make sure she did not take more than her daily dose of Tramadol and Xanax as she had developed an addiction to them and had been abusing them behind my back over the course of 5 months.

Stress had been building up in our home and we decided to take a break. She went to spend time at her brother's 2 weeks ago but I was apprehensive to let her go fearing she would start abusing Tramadol and Xanax again and quit Carbamazepine.

This past week, during a phone call, she admitted to quitting Carbamazepine cold turkey after having another seizure that day. Today she admitted to having yet another seizure. So she has had a total of 2 seizures with in a 2 week time period after quitting Carbamazepine cold turkey.

What I would like to know is when these non-epileptic seizures will stop or if she needs to go back on Carbamazepine again and slowly go off it over the course of 2 months like we had originally planned. Any ideas?