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My wife had severe pain on back and front abdomen at the time of period, is it any serious matter?

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caringsonbj 21 Jan 2011

just to be on the safe side please get her checked out I read on here where a woman was having problems with her legs swelling and at that time of the month it may just be simple but I would rather have you run it by a doctor and just be sure than to tell you its no big deal I care about what happens

caringsonbj 21 Jan 2011

I am not suggesting it is serious it may just be something that need a extra little help with medication for discomfort but I just don't like to throw out an answer and then it turn out to be more complicated than I think I have had experiences in which it was thought well just try doing this and when all was said and done it turned out not to be as simple as was thought I don't mean to scare you either I am just being cautious

Inactive 21 Jan 2011

Hi navids,
How old is your wife? If pain is severe, than please take her to your local ER. This sounds like a normal period to me, yet please do not take chances with this.
Let us know how pain is now?

navids 21 Jan 2011

she is now 20 years old, but the pain is increased day by day

Inactive 21 Jan 2011

Take your wife to the ER !!

Inactive 21 Jan 2011

I agree with Sweetlemon and Caringsonbj, please take her to the E.R. Or at the very least to a urgent care center. Does this happen everymonth during her period? To me it almost sounds like a kidney stone. Of course that wouldn't have anything to do with her period.
Good luck.

Inactive 21 Jan 2011

Hi Mel,
This just sounds like one of my normal moon days!! LOL

Inactive 21 Jan 2011

Yikes! That sounds miserable. How do you do it every month? How many days does it last? Sometimes being a woman is such a joy isn't it ???

ksrock2 22 Jan 2011

She needs to see a gynocologist, a good one. If she does not have one ask around maybe a friend or family member can recommend one. I have experience with gyn problems. Severe menstral pain is not normal. Doctors used say your a women deal with it but now they take it a little more serious since we women now make up half the work force. As far as serious I have no idea not enough info. Best advise is have her get to a doctor. She needs to keep track of her periods and any other symptoms this will help. She should have a complete pelvic exam and an ultrasound to really see whats going on. Most gynos have ultrasound right in the office. If you live anywhere near reading Pa, I know a good one. Dr. Jean Payer,
Your a good husband to look into this matter for her, I'm guessing she just suffers every month and thinks it will get better next month.
Hope you can get her to take this advise and do not put it off. She should not suffer.
Keep me posted.

navids 25 Jan 2011

thanx alot ksrock2 for posted me ur comment and all other friends also, she is feeling better now, her period is over now!! bt i dnt know y every month the pain was there???

ksrock2 25 Jan 2011

dear Navids,
You wrote she is feeling better now that her period is over and thats great but what about next month? If she does not have a gynocologist or the funds to see one there are clinics just for women issues. Even a family doctor that does not charge alot might at least due a pelvic exam for her. I hope she does not continue to let this go. She might just need a change in birth control pills if she is on them or get on them to control her cycle. Best to you and your wife. Like I said in my last post I have had losts of problems in this area and due to doctors back in the 80s who did not want to hear it I have had 6 major surgeries, left infertile and now in chronic pain. don't want that to happen to anyone else. free discount card

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