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My wife got pain in legs and also her leg show swelling. whats the problem?

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Inactive 17 Jan 2011

You might want to take your wife to the ER, as this could be a blood clot, dangerous indeed.
Best wishes to you,

navids 17 Jan 2011

thanx for ur ans, but i think maybe it is a sign for a pregnancy

Marvell 17 Jan 2011

Oh that's excellent but just be cautious because blood clots can also happen during pregnancy.

caringsonbj 17 Jan 2011

my mom has leg problems and she has had swelling pain and redness and indiviually she get Celulites thats nothing to fool around with this might even need other treatment you don't want to take any chances I think this is one where better safe than sorry let us hear from you best wishes

Inactive 19 Jan 2011

Oops saw this after I posted. I had cellulitis in March of 2010 and it was the most pain and the sickest I'd ever been. I was hospitalized for a week. My leg was swollen to 1and1/2 the size of my other leg from hip to the sole of my foot. It didn't fully heal untill November and I was on massive doses of strong antibiotics. Even though I'm not currently takinfg the antibiotics I still have horrible side effects that I may have for the rest of my life. If you havent gotten your wife to the hospital yet please go now. These symptoms should be taken very seriously. Good luck. I hope we are all wrong and that it is nothing more than water retention.

Inactive 19 Jan 2011

Oh Mel,
That sounds horrible, hope you are feeling better now !!!

vtech10 18 Jan 2011

the question is why is she retaining fluid in her legs, she should have been on water pills, diuretic, or blood pressure pills, it could be pregnancy but there are other symptoms to verify that. What about her blood pressure is she snappy all the time and about everything, is she urinating a lot. I would definitely go to the doctor and get a blood work-up and have the pressure checked with the 2 things and they should test her urine to check for protein with the kidneys and you ought to get some kind of response out of one of those tests. good luck to you and I hope she begins to feel better but I would quickly go to the doctor because the fluid in the legs gotta be painful, you dont want to wait until her legs begin getting tight, get her to the doctor my friend, let them do several tests as a start to get to the bottom of this issue, and she would need to get the fluid out of her immediately and of course with doctors supervision because something is going on, take care and I wish her well vtech10

Inactive 19 Jan 2011

I agree with sweetlemon. Get to the e.r. now! It could be a blood clot like she mentioned or cellulitis. Watch for a fever redness and heat at hte site of swelling. free discount card

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