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My wife can home with approx 30 of these in her coat pocket, what is she doing with these pills?

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Inactive 9 Feb 2011

Can you please be more specific and describe the pills , color, shape and imprint, all the information available so we can try to help you ID them?

Thank you.-

Inactive 9 Feb 2011

Hi Maso4169 I have just read your post and was wondering if you have asked your wife where she got these pills ? what are they for and who gave them to her for what condition ! if you don't get a straight answer then I personally would be very alarmed to know what the use of them are for.Many people have dependence on a lot of drug's within the community it causes a lot of social problems so if you do find cause for concern make a appointment with her doctor for both of you to discuss this issue. Hope I have been of some help to you. Take care x

blaze22 9 Feb 2011

Need more information... have you been able to get online and hopefully identify the pill that you see, as with the previous blogger, need much more information, but it is pretty simple to get this info even on this site, with pill identifier, unless of course it is a street drug. free discount card

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