I took wellbutrinXL for about a year and it was wonderful. I remember feeling stupid for now taking it sooner, because i was finally happy after years of depression. Well i got pregnant and had to stop taking it. Strangly i was fine without it through my whole pregnancy (except for a few panic attacks). A few months after i gave birth i started having all the signs again-nightmares (when i could sleep at night), i didn't want to associate with any of my fridends, wanting to sleep all day etc. So o started taking it wellbutrin again and had a whole bunch of side effects until my doc realized she had perscribed sr this time. She fixed that then It was good for a month or two and i started having panic attacks all the time. So they lowered it. I'm still having the panic attacks and i have to say-i have very little faith in my doc now. I don't want to switch drugs but i don't want to feel like this either. I'm afraid that if i switch i'll have low sex drive and gain weight. Anyone have any ideas??? Help!