My TSH level should be 12 - 22, but mine reads 0.5. I am on 60mcg liothyronine per day?My thyroid became underactive 18 years ago. I have been tired, overweight and dry skinned ever since. I was taking a very high dose of thyroxine for years but had no effect. I was changed to liothyronine about 14 years ago. Are there any medications that might suit me better. I am also on warfarin for life and Byetta and metformin as well as cerazette. I am sick of being tired all the time and my weight is 18st 7lb. Its also effecting my work as I am exhausted all the time. The doctor has just put me up from 50mcg to 60mcg per day but I don't feel any better. I am due for another blood test soon, so can you suggest anything please. Thank you Julie