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My tramadol expirerd in jan 2011, it it still good to use?

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Rajive Goel 20 Apr 2011

No, please destroy the med.

Inactive 20 Apr 2011

Do take the expired medication to your local pharmacy so they can dispose of it safely.-

All the best.-

Buddy1971 20 Apr 2011

Sorry I'm not so P.C but I myself(if getting new meds is any kind of hassle) take them because 3months isn't that long and I've taken expired meds without any ill effects, but obviously if you can get them replaced I'd do it. Sure I'll hear about this but from what I've read meds that expire just don't work as well & since it's not like it's a cancer drug or something that you need to save your life,I wouldn't sweat it also as I said 3 months? What could it do turn into cyanide? I've had aspirin & tylonol that was old/expired & took it with no probs but I'm no doctor just sharing experience's with you,and "no" a doctor would tell you not to take it.

ElizaJane23 20 Apr 2011

Technically it is expired and you must destroy it either by turning it into a local pharmacy that offers this service or sometimes the local police or sherrif dept will have a return spot for old meds. But, if your medication has been stored in a cool, dry place the most that would happen is that it would be weaker. Use your judgement - anything much older, or if it has been stored out in the open, or in a humid bathroom or kitchen, or if it is melted, misshapen, etc then turn it in for destruction.

Inactive 20 Apr 2011

Good answer ElizaJane...

BRRMARS 20 Apr 2011

I called the pharmacist and this is what they say the experation date is the last day they can use that bottle to fill perscriptions, the medication is still good for six months after experation date. So you have till june 2011. If this was helpful please mark hrlpful at end of answer. Have a wonderful day. free discount card

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