Well, I have seen a few people post their experiences with sub w/d. I figured I would start my own. I've been on subs for a year. I decided to stop and took my last dose, or so I thought, on Xmas day. I got to day 5 and wound up taking some subs for the next 4 days. I did small doses, but the fact of the matter is I was weak and should have never had subs there to take. So now Im on day 2 again. I got rid of my subs, and Im ready to do this. I should add that this is not my first time quitting subs. I was on there for 2 years and quit cold turkey. I stayed off of them for a year then went right back on them. I have been clean from opiates this entire time. I never had a relapse... since March 2008. I dont know what possessed me to go back on the subs, especially since I wasnt even taking narcotics. But I did, and now here I am. So I will keep everyone posted on a daily basis and let you know how Im doing. Please feel free to email me if you want to talk. I know I will need support to get through this, and I hope I can offer support to someone else going through it.

Day 1
I didnt feel any different than usual. My anxiety level was a little high because I know what is in store for me. No w/d symptoms at all. Slept fine except for being up and down all night going to the bathroom. Something seems to happen to my bladder when I quit subs. Guess its just my body getting back to normal. I drank extra water too because I know thats good for w/d. So nothing major to report for day 1... but we all know about the half life.

Im very tired today. I feel like I could go to sleep if I tried. No restless legs yet. I have that feeling in my gut... like there is a brick sitting there. Im sure you know what I mean. Anxiety is worst than yesterday. No chills yet, but I am very sensitive to the cold. Being outside was quite uncomfortable since its about 30 degrees. I ate a good breakfast and am drinking plenty of water. I just got done eating lunch and it doesnt seem to be agreeing with me. So there arent many w/d symptoms yet... but I dont kow what tonight will be like. Im trying SOOO hard to stay positive but its not very easy. The thing I dread the most is the insomnia. I dont have any type of meds to take to ease the symptoms, so Im doing this cold turkey with no help. I do have tylenol 3's but they havent helped me in the past. Im not regretting getting rid of the subs yet. Im ready to do this and I know I can do it. It helps alot that I have a wonderful husband that waits on me hand and foot... so I am lucky there. He also knows what its like to go through w/d, so hes very sympathetic. The most important thing is to have someone to talk to. Well, I will report again tomorrow and let you know how day 3 is going.