(have had for years, epigastric (gallbldder type pain) which was so severe, my husband literally dragged me to the ER on my last attack. If I am on suboxone, and am given dilauded'demerol for the pain, I am basically not going to feel better. I also have to go through several procedures that involve opiate injections. My GI Doc is awarwe of the whole situation (abbreviated here). My Pharmacist of over a decade has researched bupenorphine (he's a very knowledgable guy who goes the extra mile). 'bupe' has been known to have epigastric problems. Pharmacist doesn't think 'bupe will help the degenerative dsics and other gymnastic injuries. My pain center is gung-ho on putting everyone on suboxone-I take pain meds for pain only. Was on fentanyl patch 50 plus opana-opana (5mg4xday) was too strong & I fainted several times. Before that I was on percocet #5 and fentanyl 50 mcs., for 3 + years w/o any incident. Question-can I have procedures done while only on suboxone? I feel like my pain med group (the only one in this small town) is only interested in putting patients on suboxone' (have had this confirmed by pharmacists-due to the medicaid paperwork-I am not on medicaid, but my Blue Cross program does not cover suboxone). Should I take this? I have been overly disclosing with the GI Doc.,and he said he can't do the procedure until he researches this medicine. He also wants me to go to the ER for any more attacks. (Personally I think the ER should be for missing limbs-or bleeding out your eyeballs.) I have detoxed all meds & feel awful ((since1/16/11). My script for suboxone is due to be filled on 2/7/11. (Don't know if that is an error-one of many from this office or how to see how my pain level was off all meds-they gave me 0 paperwork about that.) Oh, don't tell me to call the office. as I get in trouble! Direct quote "how are we supposed to run a business if you keep calling?" If this makes any sense please answer-I am not on any meds, and am very leary about the suboxone. And have had to be on total bedrest! what 'quality of life?' Pain person-never did street drugs.