Hello! My son seems to be having trouble cutting back on Suboxone. He left treatment back in January and was on 16mg. A few months later he cut it back to 12mg, then a few months later he went to 8mg, a month later he cut back to 6mg, and a month after that he went to 4mg. Since cutting back to 4mg he has had severe headaches. He has been unable to go to work this week due to the severity of the headaches. Last night my wife gave him 2 more mg, so he took 6mg total yesterday. This morning he still has a bad headache, although not as severe, and he seems to be running a fever. He went to a primary care physician yesterday, who gave him ZOFRAN and INDOCIN. The doctor said that if the headaches continue my son will need to go in and will be prescribed a medication used for migraines. He has been taking Celexa and Remeron too.

I'm tired of all the drugs that doctors are so quick to prescribe, and after reading many of the posts on this forum about Suboxone withdrawal I am convinced that he cut back too fast. Although, I can't say that I have seen any posts regarding getting headaches as a withdrawal symptom from Suboxone tapering?

I would greatly appreciate any advice that you guys could give us.

Thank you!!!