Has anyone heard of this diagnosis before? He is on suboxone and the Dr. gave him Wellbutrin and Nuvigal. I noticed he was extremely aggitated and panicked all the time and very nasty and short tempered. I looked it up and it has a stimulant in it - I faxed the Dr. and he was out of town at his sons wedding. Ten minutes later he called me and told me to take him off it immediately and they would evaluate him for bi-polar. Why would he put him on that - it is counterindicated with nuvigal and/or any othr 'upper' which is what the nuvigal is.The counselor said addicts self medicate because they are bi-polar.(??? ) What is bi-polar and how would I know if he had it? He's 26 and his personality is changing but I have attributed this to losing a girlfriend he has been going with for 2 years. and/or could it be the suboxone and the general feeling of disappointment he has in himself for having a relapse and ending up on this suboxone?? Thank you.