In March 2010 after 4 1/2 clean years... my son had a withdrawal taking prescribe pain killer for 2 months... that were found at home for my sisters operation... ... Stop and astay clean again for almost 2 yrs... Now... 2 weeks ago had a withdrawal again and started with the pills and last night he confess. He took 2 Naltrexona at once with out going to a Dr (cold turkey). --- He is vomiting and with stomach pain ofcourse... He'l be on Naltrexone again... I notice, every time he goes back to the drog, he stay less time on it... He is committed to his mittings and service... read a lo... he whent to the proses of the 12 steps and practice each one... also has a PADRINO... my son tel us that he knows it's not easy to stop... also that he don't want to go back to hell over and over again.
So please, can you tell me what sould I do at this moment or expect... what the sintoms may be, so I know... He is being telling us the prosses, but I rather listen to you.
I do go to meetings, but this time I prefer write to this support group. thank you. .