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My son is taking subutex the doctor gave him kaladapin for anxiety is this ok?

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amytateitall 4 Dec 2011

I am guessing that you mean klonopin. The answer is yes, in my opinion. I am prescribed suboxone and klonopin and I do just fine on them. Hope this helps!

Beking55 7 Dec 2011

How old is your son? That is a lot of heavy medication for anyone under the age of 18. The subutex is good at calming you down . The klonipin is a long acting benzodiazapene like valium. For some reason, when I take Klonpin I go into a state like the alcoholic "blackout" where you are functioning but don't have a clue about it the next day. I totaled my car on this medication. Beware of it. I can take all the other benzo's, but Klonipin is different. Subutex is also a very heavy medication and anything over 24mg per day can become very dangerous especially with the klonopin and even more so if he drinks any alcohol at all. BE CAREFUL What is he being treated for, anyhow? It's just SO MUCH.

jenninesmith0525 1 Feb 2017

From my experience klonopin is great for constant anxiety, however for panic attacks it doesn't kick in immediately. Tolerance for benzos builds quickly and have serious impacts on one's memory and ability to focus, so please use sparingly!! For actual panic attacks I used to take Xanax, but ended up building such a tolerance that it was no longer affective. I now take Arivan for breakthrough anxiety and generally feel a tremendous decrease within 10-15 minutes :) free discount card

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