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My son is still hearing voices but doesn't tell the staff at the facility, is this common?

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Marvell 4 Dec 2009

It is common, but if you know about it please mention it to the staff, doctors ... so that they can re-assess your son and perhaps change the treatment accordingly.

barbles2413 4 Dec 2009

I agree with the above answer but I think I would ask to sprak with the Psychiatrist as well. Sometimes thins happen and you message does not reach the doctor it may reach tge nurse or the psych aid or the group counselor but sometimes things get lost in the mix not always but I have been in situations where the message that should have reached all of the above never reached the Doctor. It is understandable because it can get hectic at anytime in a hospital but to make sure your concern gets to the Doc make sure you mention it to him/her directly Good Luck and God Bless

kuntrystrong 4 Dec 2009

when i withdrawed i definatly heard voices and was super paranoined hows his blood pressure? hows he sleeping is there very strange realistic dreams? his mind is on overdrive and that makes the body work very hard if the brain doesnt shut down the body can not and his brain needs to rest to heal he needs to relax its harder than it sounds but it can happen my worst enemy is silence when i can hear anything in the background my mind will race im am hopeing he gets the strength to snap out of this i know his pain he needs to talk to people anyone he can connect with he may have a social phobia right now i did for 2 months its terrable whats happening he has to find his strenghth the guy he was not to long ago hes in there trust me.

Psyched 7 Dec 2009

Unfortunately, this is common. Most patients don't tell staff they are hearing voices simply because they believe it will cause them to appear worse (or still) in need of being hospitalized. Others do not tell about hearing voices because, not all voices are bad ones; I have had patients tell me that they don't want to stop hearing particular voices because the voices say nice things about them like "You are a good person" or "God loves you"... face it, not all voices are evil. Finally, some patients don't tell about the voices because the voices have told them not to or the patient will be harmed in some way-either by the voices themselves or by staff or someone/something else. I would recommend telling the staff and your son's psychiatrist about the voices. You should also ask your son why he doesn't want to tell anyone he is hearing voices, that needs to be known as well. I hope this has helped. Good luck and God bless.

natureQuest 7 Dec 2009

You are correct, unfortunately the voices are not nice. Threats from such do manipulate his ability to make firm choices. He does feel that telling will prolong his stay as you stated as well and I just was't sure if I should tell the doctor myself but I do verbally continue to encourage him to talk about symptoms and reactions to meds. and whatever, so they can better understand his needs.

Psyched 7 Dec 2009

I can tell you this, as I thought about your question while trying to go to sleep last night/this morning: you need to ask his doctor and/or the hospital about rules allowing for personal music devices. I know it sounds goofy, but it really does make sense. A lot of patients have told me that if they use headphones to listen to music, the radio, or even a book on tape; then it drowns out the voices! I have even suggested this to other patients and they have thanked me for this bit of advice. Even if the hospital rules say no, I would still ask the doctor because he/she can right an order to over rule the hospital regulations. I do hope your son will get better (actually I'm pretty sure he will :) ). You really need to try and stress to him o be honest with the doctor about what's going on so that the doctor can prescribe him something to take the voices away. I hope this helps and I do hope to hear from you again. Good luck and God bless. free discount card

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