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My son is on 5 mg lexapro and abilify for 1 year he seems depressed. Should he increase dose?

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LaurieShay 11 Sep 2011

Hey linda,

It is possible that an increase in the Lexapro would help. He is on a low dose. He might also benefit from an increase in the Abilify. Don't know the age of your son, nor how much Abilify he takes, but an increase in either or both medications may be in order. Best to talk to have him talk to his doctor.


Inactive 11 Sep 2011

As Laurie said he may benefit from an increase, but please have your child to the doctor. Do not increase on your own. This should be a decision for a physician to make...

litlmommag 12 Sep 2011

I agree with the other to defintely talk to your childs psyciatrist tell them what is going on have them talk to um as well depending on your childs age thwy mat change the medication or up the dose. I now how hard it is when your child ges through depression have them right down his or her feelings daily that will help the dr know what they need go luck try to let them or rather insist on sharing with you they need you talking it out will definatly help as much as the meds that are needed I wish you and your child well free discount card

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