My 28 yr old son went thru alcohol rehab successfully last summer. He has had one relapse in Sept for 1 day and been clean since. He goes to a phychiatrist for treatment for possible bipolarism and takes depokate and zanex thru the doc. He is so disorganized and hates his life and tried to borrow some zanex from me last night and I told him no. We got into it and he confessed he takes 4 mg of suboxin he buys from a friend and has been doing it since last fall. I think he is avoiding the great sponsor and support he had after he got out of rehab and taking this to avoid drinking. He is not happy and wants to get off this ... I told him to tell his Dr. He is hesitant because the doc will know he has been lying to him. My son wants me to find out about clinics in our area... blah blah.. I am so worn out from him... loosing his wallet every 4 months, mismanaging his money..
I think he needs rehab again, but i dont know if he has to go inpatient.
I see a phychologist and will ask him but would like some info now.