... into space. we rushed to ER where after MRI, EEG, CT Scan etc doctors diagnosed the episode to have been a partial seizure since he had tilted his head to his left side. they have now discharged him and put him on Keppra. he has been very emotional since then and cries over things like "i want super powers and why won't you help me get them". we were told by the neurologist that he will remain moody for sometime as hospitalization experience would have been traumatic for him plus the fact that he was pumped with so many drugs.
he has been a brilliant kid and after reading some of the other experiences we are worried that his normal life is going to get changed.
We are also worried about how to communicate his condition to others. should we tell his friends so that they can watch out for any seizure symptoms or will it impact the way kids interact (or not) with him.
are things like meditation helpful
any experience especially of similar situation would be helpful