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My son has clear capsules w/white powder in them and says they are percocet. I don't believe it?

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christineATU 20 Jan 2011

Hi claux, Are there any imprints or markings on the capsules?

caringsonbj 20 Jan 2011

tell him he is going to have to be honest with you do you notice anything different about him in any other way? I don't want to pry or interfere I just know from what people say (not even friends) that once you start medications that are like this and they are not prescribed you have a rough time and the people (family) also go through a tough time, is he in school? has his grades changes, what about moods? any changes that you note I don't expect you to answer to me look for various signs I don't want to cause you to distrust him but unless he is totally honest with you then you have every right to wonder what in this world he is doing I wish you only the very best

christineATU 20 Jan 2011

Very caring response. I hope it helps this dad. It's very difficult to find out our children may be doing things that can harm them.

Tonka8561 20 Jan 2011

How old is your son? Where did he get the pills? What are they for? Like why would he need to take "Percocet?"
Does he live with you? Could you play hardball, cutting the apron strings, and give him an ultimatum, followed up with action?
If he does not give you satisfactory answers, and he can't give you a legit answer, you might have a child who is abusing drugs.
How did you find out about them? Were they hidden? Were you snooping? free discount card

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