... My son started on Trileptal when he was 3 years old because of seizures. He has been seizure free for about 4 years (not sure if it is because of the medication, or he out grew his seizures). The seizures only occured every 6 to 9 months. Prior on being on medication my son seemed very smart. He started reading when he was 2 years old and he seemed to be developing normally. However, he is now 8 and he now seems to be falling behind. He has a hard time concentrating in his school work and he claims he doesn't remember things. Also, he is not the most coordinated child. He still can't tie his own shoes or ride a bike. He seems that he has fallen behind when he was so advanced. I am not sure if this is the effects of the medication for taking it for years or is this a normal growing up phase. I would have thought it to be normal if he didn't show so much early development early on in his life. When he was two many people thought he was a prodigy child because he was so intelligent at a young age