My 7 year old who is taking Intuniv can not seem to stay asleep! He is up all night coming in my room at all hours telling me he hears foot steps or he hears a popping or cracking noise he has also wakes me up asking if I have watched the weather cause there is going to be a tornado in Arkansa which may I add is about 1500 miles away from us being that we live in Virginia. I tell him not to worry about it that its not any where near us but he can't seem to let it go he thinks something is going to happen to him while he sleeps. our house has never been(knock on wood) robbed or hit be a tornado (thank goodness). So its really hard for me to understand why he is consantly waking up with these fears of something bad happening to him. This is something new for him he has never had any sleeping problems before so I don't know if its related to taking the new medicene or if he is just having some bad dreams or if he is developing and new disorder. Please if anyone has any insight to what could be causing this or if anyone has a child taking Intuniv that has the same sleeping problems feel me in on whats going on, his Doctor tells me to give him Benadryl but I really dont want to do that cause that could just cause him to become addicted to another med.