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My sister was arrested for drugs - obtaining by fraud. What should be expected?

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DadsWatchinU 22 Nov 2009

Of course not knowing her prior history, type of drugs she was arrested for etc it is almost impossiable to say, but with the current system being so broke she may have a fighting chance if it is her first offence. A family member of mine (most on ths fourm can probably guess who) was arrested about 6 years ago for obtaining controlled substance by fraudlant means, writting her own scripts, and it was her 1st arrest, a fellony, and she had a very good attorney, and basically got 2 years of probation, fines, mandatory drug school, pee tested twice a week for about 18 months even though she was pregnant & lost the child at 7.5 months (off drugs at the time she became pregnant & while pregnant) a slap on the wrist I'm afraid. I look back and wish it had been more severe, she has always gotton away with anything she got into, never really paid the piper, until now that is, now she has capias in 2 states, warrants in 2-3 counties, no drivers licences, no job, on methadone, pregnant again,no job, etc. you get the picture. I do not mean to sound harsh and I pray your sister finds peace but maybe if she is faced with reality now she will not wind up 2,3,5,10 years from now strung out, miserable, no life to speak of and instead have this charge expunged and living a happy drug free life. Lets all give your sister a shoot out and pray this is a blessing in disguise, her chance to start over. God Bless MommaN & A sad DadswatchinU tearinie eyed unable to sleep scared & praying free discount card

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