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My sister has a possible bone infection from a surgery on a broken heel, has anyone else had this?

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ElizaJane23 9 Jul 2011

Yes, I had a bone infection in my hip bone, where they harvested bone to use in my back. This type of infection can only be gotten one way - from bacteria present in the surgical area. From walls and floors in the room, surgical instruments, people who did not clean themselves thoroughly before coming into the surgical area, etc. The infection starts in the bone, which was only exposed during the surgery, and usually has to be treated with IV antibiotics for 6 weeks or more. Then you see if the lab can grown any more bacteria, and if it does you stay on IV antibiotics until the infection goes away. Wish you didn't have to go through this. When a hospital has an infection like this a board usually meets to determine where the patient could have been exposed to the bacteria. This is very serious stuff'! No hospital wants to be shut down so they aggressively clean, clean,'clean so no one else gets sick. It may be advantageous for you to get a copy of the minute of the nmeeting - could be useful of you should decide to take legal action later. I decided not to - you sign before any surgery that there can be infection so I figured that's just Way things go. Best wishes to you - free discount card

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