... many, many drug allergies... all narcotics to begine with. I can't imagine how she must suffer. Ive just begun to research this horrible disease, and so far I've read that stress can cause flares and that the itching is extremely intense. I'm hoping to find out that she'll be able to take ativan to try to keep her stress level down, and benadry caps to reduce the inflammation and itching... would those things help her? She has to sleep on sheets that are about 600 thread count or the irritation is exscruciating and causes bleeding. She tells me that if she doesn't have moisturizers on within 15 min. of getting out of the shower, the plaques start to harden and the resultant pain is terrible. I can't imagine what sitting in her office chair must be like. I would be so grateful for any help or suggestions anyone has to offer... as I said, I'm just starting to research this... I am a nurse, but have never had patients with psoriatic conditions before... I'm also retired so not in touch with the latest treatments. She's adament she does not want to go on immunosuppresive treatments. I'am all ears and will welcome anything you can teach me.
gratefully, neison71