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My refill was diffrent they gave me op80 not oc80 is there any diffirent?

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Anonymous 26 Aug 2010

If its opana to oxycotin yes there is a big difference opana is an around the clock opiate and oxycotin is a short term pain relief medicine.

IhearttheOcean 27 Aug 2010

Its the same thing. OP is the new OC. They changed the formula to prevent abuse by snorting or chewing it. But if take orally like prescribed, it will be no different. You cant get the OC ones anymore

terilyn54 27 Aug 2010

80 op is the new version of oxycontin oc that Purdue has developed because the amount of people abusing the drug by way of crushing, snorting, smoking & injecting the old version. It has nothing to due with being generic. Have you noticed any differences between the two? free discount card

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