Ive had a severely painful illness for 7yrs(occipital neuralgia), and I build up tolerence to all & any meds very quickly.And now I have a major problem,,My PCP has decided at long last that i do need to bump up my ROX-dosage,i'm on 5/325,and have been the entire 7yrs,during which time i've added,tried and upped on my other meds(prescriptions) to help the ROX and/or supplemnt other meds along with it.I'm a "pain management"patient only,,, there seems to be nohope of any curing this condition.And i want to note that I hate taking all the meds for so long,if i COULD never have to see another,i'd be so happy.BUT,thats not the case,for now.With everything ive taken and tried,only the BRAND/makers of ROXICET only help my pain,not even the name brand Perc.'s or the oxy brand.For some odd reason only roxicet BY roxane lab.'s help me.Ive been taking 2 at a time for the last year(W/some mepertab chasers too) and it hardly touches the pain,so,my PCP(and other Drs) are bumping me up on this MED, Just simply a higher dose of my 5/325's. BUT,,my Dr said it seems like "roxane labs" DO make a "7.5 or a 10",and whichever i can find,i can get,but ive had no luck finding anything from ROXANE LABs with a higher OXYCODONE dosage..only a higher acetaminophen dose... Ive been told "YES,its made",but cannot find anyone or anything(even online) to PROVE/find/get it. IS there such a dosage by ROX-LABs?, I just had my new 7.5 ROX filled,and its "ENDOCET"and it does nothing for me? does anyone know WHY? and does anyone have any ideas or suggestions.And I'm wondering if a oxycodone med is the same and/or available by prescription,and worth trying to get my DR to give me THAT?(,is it the same,like in my roxicet?) And i may as well ask "THIS QUESTION" ,What are the best/strongest meds,is there something like a list ? In case its not made clear enough,i'll say it-> I have horrible chronic pain 24/7. Im a mom and a blessed grandma.I'm also bedridden for the most part,I"m 40 ... My inquery is to find meds that will help me try to feel alive,until I'm able to find a "cure" of anykind.Any knowledge recieved would be very much apreciatted.As well as any other comments or questions.So, currently my quest is to get anwers or help on the roxicet/roxane lab's. THANKS !!